What's a (DAW) Digital Audio Workstation?



What is a Digital Audio Workstation?


Your DAW is an electronic device or software used for recording, editing and producing audio files. Basically, its whatever you record or edit your podcast on. There’s a wide variety of Digital Audio Workstations to choose from. Some are available for payment, some are physical hardware, others are web-based and others are free and available for download.


Now why should you use a Digital Audio Workstation instead of just using a web based one or using a simple editing cut/crop method for your podcast recordings?


Digital Audio Workstation - DAW - Podcast Overhaul


Because using a Digital Audio Workstation can be the difference between having an amateur sounding podcast vs a professional sounding podcast. And you can do it for FREE.


Two programs that are free to use are Audacity available on Windows or Mac and Garageband available on Mac only. If you’re using a Workstation like Audacity or Garageband for example, you’ll have access to tools like Normalization, Fading, Equalization, Limiters and all kinds of simple effects/tools you can use to make your audio sound way better.


So how do we incorporate all those things into our Podcast? Well, that’s where Step 3 Comes in:


– Check Your Postproduction Parameters.


Stay tuned for the next post in this series to find out.




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