What’s the Most Important Aspect of your Podcast?



Is it your podcast category? Maybe it’s the name of your podcast? Is it your Artwork? Or is it your content? (what you choose to talk about).


Well which one is it? While all of those aspects are very important parts when it comes to creating a podcast, none of those are as important as the AUDIO QUALITY of your podcast.


Podcast Overhaul - Audio Quality


Without this, your podcast has hit a major bump in the road before it’s even had an opportunity to get off the ground. Remember, this isn’t YouTube, this isn’t Instagram, or Facebook or anything that’s a visual medium. With podcasting the only means by which your audience takes in your content, is by your voice. By your audio. So you can have the BEST content on the planet….BUT IF IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU RECORDED IT INSIDE OF A COFFEE CAN….You’re going to have a really hard time connecting with your audience and keeping them engaged for future episodes.



So, how do we do that? How do we make sure our audio sounds like a HIGH-QUALITY recording?


Well, there’s three simple steps:

- Check Your Microphone Source.

- Check Your Digital Audio Workspace.

- Check Your Post-production Parameters.


So how exactly do we do those things? Well stay tuned because over the next three posts, I’ll be going over each step individually to get you all the info you need to know to get your audio quality in tip-top shape.



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Happy Podcasting!


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