Why is Editing & Post-Production so Important for your Podcast?


Check Your Post. Production. Parameters.


So, what does that mean? Well, let’s say you’ve got your Mic selection Down. You’ve recorded within your DAW and now it’s time for Post-Production. Well, do I really need to use Post-Production? Can’t I just record and then release my podcast?


Yes. You could do that. But if you do, you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity to make your podcast sound even better. Post-Production tools are a great way to help separate your podcast from others and really upgrade the quality of your podcast.


Why Should I Edit my Podcast - Podcast Overhaul


Let’s say you’re using a Workstation like Audacity or Garageband for example. There are a couple of simple effects/tools you can use to make your audio sound way better.


Within your Digital Audio Workstation you should have access to an effect or tool called Normalization.


What is normalization? Well, Normalization is a tool that normalizes or levels the audio in your podcast to make sure everything is on the same level and that it all sounds the same. Have you ever listened to a recording where someone is talking real low and then two seconds later YOUR EARDRUMS ARE GETTING DESTROYED? Well, normalization helps to fix that so everything sounds exactly the same to your listeners.


Another tool you can use that can be really helpful with balancing audio and adding to the overall quality of your recording is the use of a Compressor. Audio Compressor tools within your DAW can be used to subtly soften an audio track to make it more natural sounding and clear without adding distortion or making it uncomfortable for your listeners.


Those are just two simple and basic effects that you could use when editing but there are a lot more you can use to get the most out of your podcast within your Digital Audio workstation & we’ve just barely scratched the surface.




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