How to Make Your Podcast Cover Art Stand Out!


Now if you’ve been listening to the podcast or reading the blog, you know that I always preach one thing about podcasts, and that’s AUDIO...AUDIO... and MORE AUDIO. Podcasting is an audible medium and your audio should always be the most important component of your podcast. Now with that said, on today’s episode we are going to be talking about not what your listeners HEAR when they click on your podcast, but rather what they SEE.


Yes, today, we’re talking about Cover Art.


Now why is your cover art important? After all, audio is KING right? While podcasting is an audible medium, most people base their first impressions on what they SEE as opposed to what they HEAR. So that means that you need to make sure you design a podcast cover that is vibrant, eye-catching and promotes what your podcast or brand is all about!



Now if you lack that creative touch and maybe design is just not your thing, there are some options available for you if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money of course.


Websites like, 99Designs & even Fiverr ALL offer podcast cover at design services from a wide range of pricing. & 99Designs tend to be a little pricey but the end result is usually really great. A lot of but if you’re looking for a much cheaper option, Fiverr would probably be the way to go.


Remember, while Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other podcast directories are a great way to reach new listeners, Apple Podcasts is still the KING and happens to be the largest and most popular podcast directory to date. And if you want to be eligible for featured placement on the iTunes Store and Podcasts, artwork must be a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPEG or PNG file with 72 dpi in the RGB color space.


Now for you veteran podcasters out there, don’t be afraid to mix it up. For example, if you have a guest, would it be ok to change your podcast cover art to include your guest for that one episode?


 The ANSWER is YES…Why not? It’s totally up to YOU! Lot’s of major podcasts do that when they have major guest to create intrigue, interest and to mix things up for their listeners.


A major and insalnely popular Podcast that does just that, is Pardon My Take. Each time they have a guest, their cover art looks slightly different and redesigned to cleverly include their guest on the cover. It’s cool, it’s eye-catching and something different that you might want to consider adding to your own podcast in a unique way.


Either way, regardless of what you do, do your best to Stand Out and make sure your Cover Art presents a clear, exciting, eye-catching message that promotes what your podcast is all about.


Now if you’re NEW to podcasting or you don’t even know where to start. That’s ok. Check out our “How-To-Start-A-Podcast” Starter Guide to help you get you get started with creating your own podcast for free today! Thanks for reading the Podcast Overhaul Blog! If you’re new here or if you learned something new today, do me a favor and check out our podcast & feel free to share this article with a friend!


Happy Podcasting!