How to Optimize Your Show Notes!


Podcast show notes are really important to your podcast for a number of reasons. Show notes provide your listeners with additional information they need to get the most out of your show. Thinks of show notes as the concierge for your podcast episodes. In it, you can provide links to your social media, any links or resources you mentioned, guests you interviewed, or anything else you’re trying to get out to your listeners.


When people are listening to a podcast episode, it’s really easy to miss some main points sometimes or even tune out from time to time if they listen while they drive, are at work, or doing other things. Show notes can help your listeners get back on track and catchup or skip to parts of the episode or your show that they might have missed.



Another really great reason to have awesome show notes, is that show notes can help you optimize your SEO, that is your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process by which you can gain website traffic (traffic to your podcast) by increasing the visibility of your podcast online. & By adding searchable or quality keywords to your podcast show can do A LOT to help with your SEO.

Be sure to sprinkle a few of your industry-specific keywords throughout your podcast show notes. If a keyword you usually use isn’t relevant to the specific episode, leave it out and add in other keywords that are still relevant to your niche but also to the topic of your episode.


If you make the most out of your show notes, you may just end up hacking your way into finding and reaching new listeners all for free.



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Happy Podcasting!